facts you must know in order to be profitable

facts you must know in order to be profitable

When trading forex, one usually looks for the search for simpler, faster and safer ways to earn money. There are tremendous possibilities for great profits, but a thorough understanding of risks, returns, fluctuations in prices and the accuracy of expectations are some of the basic things to be aware of. Many people would like to know more about the comparison between binary options versus forex, and whether binary options are a good alternative to the usual forex trading or not; what are the differences between them, the risks associated with them, etc. First of all, it is worth noting that binary options trading differs from the usual forex trading in terms of rates of return, fees and risks and it also goes without saying here that it includes a completely different structure of liquidity and the investment process. Binary options are a great alternative as long as the trader is able to perform hedging and forecasting operations appropriately, as well as the need for the trader to have a thorough knowledge of the potential consequences of this type of trade that does not exceed two.


Binary Options vs. Forex – The Basics


Binary options are often classified under the category “anomalous options,” and are relatively simpler in their understanding and practice than traditional options. Unlike foreign exchange trading, binary options can be exercised in the stock, commodity and index markets. It is often referred to as the fixed return options option because it involves a fixed expiration timing and also a fixed rate of exercise. If a trader is able to correctly predict the direction in which the market will move during the specified time period, and the asset price is closed by the expiration timing on the correct side of the exercise price, the trader will receive a fixed amount regardless of the extent to which the asset has moved. On the other hand, if a trader’s expectations regarding the direction of the market are wrong by the time of the expiration date, he will lose some or all of his investments.

How to win in a binary options deal

The most important thing that you have to know when comparing binary options and forex trading is that in the case of regular trading the amount of profit or loss remains unknown in advance, unlike binary options and where the expiry time and the price of the practice and the risk involved in the deal are all clearly defined in advance. Since the beginning of the deal. A trader who expects the market to end the highest price of the practice will exercise what he calls the “recall” option, on the other hand if the trader expects that the market will end below the price of the practice by the expiry time, he will exercise the “status” option.

The trader makes a profit using the call option if he ends the price of the asset by the expiration timing above the exercise price. While the trader makes a profit in the case of a put option if he ends the price of the asset by the expiration timing below the exercise price. Regardless of the amount of money invested, the trader gets a fixed rate of return that is determined at the start of the deal.

Binary options versus Forex, another difference

Given that all factors are predetermined in binary options trading, the investor does not need to spend all time monitoring market volatility as long as he opens the deal. Once the transaction is completed, the trader is not allowed to liquidate or exit the trade before the expiration timing comes.


An example of a binary options deal

If a trader predicts observing market conditions that he will end the highest price of the practice, he is not sure about the amount of movement. For example, if a trader is monitoring the S&P 500 which is currently trading at 1150 and finds a broker that provides the same price of the practice by the end of the day. In this case, the trader may decide to purchase an “recall” option that provides an 80% return if he ends the option above the 1150 level while 85% of his investment is lost if he ends the option below the 1150 level.

Considering that binary options are available with multiple expiry times that range from several minutes to months and can be purchased at all types of exercise prices, the trader has no difficulty in finding the appropriate binary option for his capabilities and requirements. The amount of investment and the general terms and conditions may vary from one broker to another; for this the smart investor must carefully review all the details before he begins trading binary options.


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