Forex trading, what hours should I be ready to trade

Forex trading, what hours should I be ready to trade

Once you decide to enter the forex trading world you will find that forex trading has many advantages over other capital markets. In addition to others; the Forex market is characterized by low margin, free trading platforms, high leverage and 24/7 trading.

The main goal in this article is to know the hours that you must be ready to start trading, in order to be present at the time when you can achieve the highest profits from your trades, and also to know that the advantage of having trades around the clock does not mean that you trade randomly during Any period of the day.

In short, it is very important that you are familiar with the best trading hours because if you want to find a large number of profitable trades, you will have to enter the Forex market at its best time, for example when the activity and transaction volumes are at the highest levels.

At any given time, someone or place in this world will be there to buy and sell currencies. Because when one market is closed, another market will open. Business hours intersect, so exchanges continue to day and night, eventually giving you 5.5 full days of trading per week.

Forex trading starts in New Zealand on Sunday, 5 pm EST, followed by the opening of the Australian markets, then the Asian, the Middle East, Europe and finally the American market, and the market remains in this state every day and throughout the week until it closes at 4 pm EST with the closing of the American markets.

Another fact that forex traders should be familiar with is that the US and British markets account for more than half of the Forex market’s transactions; the main Forex markets are: London, New York and Tokyo. Almost two-thirds of activity in the New York session appears in the morning trading hours when European markets are also open. Perhaps one of the most important characteristics of others is that the Forex market activity reaches its peak at the intersection of major markets.


So the answer to our question is, “What hours should you trade?” Dictates the last characteristic, meaning that you should trade at the intersection of the markets. The question now is, and when do these markets cross? .

If we take into account the different time zones in the world and the opening and closing times of the markets of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the United States and Europe. We can reach the conclusion that there are two main time slots when two major markets cross in trading hours.

This happens between the hours of two in the morning and four in the morning Eastern Coast (Asian – European) and also between 8 in the morning and 12 in the evening (European – North America).

Therefore, if you want to catch the best trading opportunities during the day and you are present in the American continent, you must wake up early or sleep somewhat late. Of course, things change in this world. Thus the question may be what is the optimal trading period if you cannot wake up early? … may be Ukraine.


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