MultiBank Group

MultiBank Group

MultiBank Group, a number one online trading brokerage, has announced its acquisition of AETOS Capital Group Pty Ltd which is predicated in China operations. the acquisition is to incorporate the transfer of AETOS’s tens of thousands of traders to trade with the MultiBank Group brand. Previous AETOS traders will trade under a replacement division of MultiBank Group called MBG.


MultiBank Group and its subsidiaries are licensed and controlled worldwide by many reputable regulators including BaFin in Germany, ASIC in Australia, RAK within the UAE, FMA in Austria and CNMV in Spain. the corporate prides itself on its combination of prime liquidity and cutting-edge technology, also as reliable customer service. A full review of MultiBank Group are often read here.


AETOS customers can expect a smooth transition between the brands. Mr. Draco Ng, the previous CEO of AETOS Capital Group, will become the CEO of the new MBG division, and can work tirelessly to make sure that each one traders will receive an equivalent level of service that they’ve been receiving, including competitive execution speeds, technology transfers and top level security. The transfer is predicted to be completed over the weekend following the trading week ending on June 8, 2019.


Ms. Sophia Barnes, Marketing Manager of MultiBank Group, added that, “The Group is now finalizing further expansion in England, Kuwait, Philippines, Indonesia and Kenya, all of which are envisaged to be operational in 2019. This brings the entire global reach of MultiBank Group to 18 offices worldwide.”

Sara Patterson

ne of DailyForex’s top-rated social and crypto trading platforms has just made an exciting announcement; it’s launched a fresh crypto wallet. The wallet is out there on the 2 primary app stores – Google Play and therefore the Apple App Store, and it allows for traders to get cryptocurrencies safely and securely. Even more importantly, the eToro crypto wallet has multi-signature security that gives peace of mind for users also because the ability to ascertain all blockchain transactions without worry that they’re going to lose their secret key. consistent with a report released last year and published by Fortune Magazine, nearly 4 million bitcoins are lost forever as a results of users forgetting their key.


Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro comments: “We believe that crypto and therefore the blockchain technology that underpins it’ll have an enormous impact on global finance. Blockchain has the potential to revolutionise finance and that we believe that we’ll see the best transfer of wealth ever onto the blockchain. We believe that within the future all assets are going to be tokenised which crypto is simply the primary tread on this journey. even as eToro has opened traditional markets for investors, we would like to try to to an equivalent during a tokenised world. The eToro wallet may be a key a part of this.”


It should be noted that eToro is releasing its crypto wallet piecemeal , making it available in several countries at different times and with different functionalities. the aim for this is often to form sure that each user has the simplest possible customer experience which the wallet meets the various needs of various users.


Customers can store Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin within the eToro crypto wallet, and therefore the company expects to support additional cryptocurrency storage within the near future.

Bitcoin spiked along side safe-haven assets like gold, as tensions between the US and Iran flared up. After a clear easing of things , safe-haven assets reversed sharply. The BTC/USD mirrored this pullback, providing traders more evidence that Bitcoin has taken the role useful storage when volatility rises. A growing number of analysts ask Bitcoin as digital gold, and price action behavior confirms this comparison. Following the breakdown below its resistance zone and its ascending 38.2 Fibonacci Retracement Fan price , more downside is predicted .


The Force Index, a next-generation technical indicator, confirmed the worth spike, which took this cryptocurrency pair above the $8,400 level. Bullish momentum contracted quickly, suggesting that the rally was a short-term reaction to a geopolitical event, instead of a long-term move supported fundamentals. The Force Index converted its horizontal price into resistance, as marked by the green rectangle. Downside momentum also pressured this technical indicator into a breakdown below its ascending price , and deep into negative territory. Bears are on top of things of price action.


Volatility returned to Bitcoin, evident by the advance that resulted during a 23.54% rally during this cryptocurrency pair over five days. After the breakdown within the BTC/USD below its resistance zone located between 8,137.75 and 8,406.53, as marked by the red rectangle, a 9.13% correction emerged over two days, with more downside favored. Over the past seven days, there was no fundamental change in Bitcoin, offering more evidence that it’s going to be more correlated to the remainder of the economic system than previously thought. the increase in institutional demand has brought price action in-line with the worldwide system.


Due to the magnitude of bearish pressures, the BTC/USD is anticipated to descend into its next short-term support zone located between 7,016.55 and 7,198.76, as marked by the grey rectangle. this may close a previous price gap to the upside, which took price action above support before collapsing below it. A farther breakdown into its long-term support zone between 6,386.75 and 6,633.70 can’t be ruled out. Traders should monitor for a move during this cryptocurrency pair below its 50.0 Fibonacci Retracement Fan price , which is probably going to end in subsequent wave of sell orders. you’ll learn more a few breakdown here.

BTC/USD Technical Trading Set-Up – Breakdown Extension Scenario


 Short Entry @ 7,650.00


 Take Profit @ 6,635.00


 Stop Loss @ 7,950.00


 Downside Potential: 101,500 pips


 Upside Risk: 30,000 pips


 Risk/Reward Ratio: 3.83


Should the Force Index complete a double breakout and cross above the 0 center-line, the BTC/USD is predicted to reverse to the upside. While the long-term outlook for this cryptocurrency pair remains cautiously optimistic for the primary half 2020, a breakout above its resistance zone would require a fresh catalyst. Until one emerges, it’s anticipated to reject a second breakout attempt.

Ultimately, i feel that there’s a robust argument that you simply should only be buying dips, simply because the year probably won’t produce the sort of returns that we are seeing in 2019, so therefore it’ll be especially important to concentrate as to if or not you’re getting value. I even have no scenario during which a willing to sell this market immediately , as fighting a trend that has been so reliable may be a good way to lose money. Candlestick analysis shows that 15 of the last 20 days are grain, so that’s not the sort of situation where you would like to start out trying to short. While I fully recognize that we could break down from here within the short term, I’m not curious about trying to sell, because it’s just too difficult to time some sort of major trend change during a market that’s obviously being well supported not only by traders, but also the Federal Reserve System . You don’t fight the Federal Reserve System , so therefore simply search for opportunities to select up this market on dips, albeit you’ve got to attend well beyond the Friday session to try to to so.

The S&P 500 has rallied a touch during the trading session on Thursday, breaking bent a fresh new high. With the roles number beginning on Friday, we should always see a continuation of this if we get a fairly strong result for the December employment rolls. All things being equal, the market is probably going to continue going higher a method or another, and albeit we do pull back, i feel it’s a pleasant buying opportunity. After all, the 3200 level has shown itself a big amount of support, and most certainly the 3150 level will also as we had previously in seen resistance in in fact have the 50 day EMA within the same neighborhood.


The candlestick for the Wednesday session is extremely bullish, and it does suggest that there are many buyers. That being the case, i feel that it’s only a matter of your time before we break towards the 3300 level then eventually above that. i might like better to buy pullbacks during this market because we are most certainly during a bullish trend, and it most certainly seems to be a scenario where there are many value hunters willing to urge involved.



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